Shooting Wide Open In 'Goofy Mode'

Opening up the aperture all the way is all the rage. But you gotta admit, it's kinda goofy at times.

Camera and lens manufacturers market their blurry backgrounds and bokeh to the masses in a marketing scheme which is comparable to "spreading the gospel."

A little fun this morning, post-wise. I only wanted to point out that there are many images out there (including this one!) where the photographer has opened up the aperture all the way in hopes of creating a stunning image. When the fact is, most of the time, it's in appropriate to do so for one or more reasons.

In the above example, I had originally wanted to blur the background of the kitchen. So I opened up my Sigma ART lens all the way to f1.4 and achieved this, knowing full well that much of the fruit would be out of focus. No, I wasn't shooting for a food photography project here, folks. But what happened was that I ended up blackening out the background anyway in Photoshop to showcase the fruit I used to juice with. Ideally, this shot would have probably been better off at f8 or thereabouts in order to get most everything relatively in focus and sharp. You see this sort of misadventure in portrait photography too these days. In fact, it borderlines on goofy. Which is what I lovingly call opening up my lens all the way. Formerly, I would call it "stupid mode" or "shooting in stupid" but I think Goofy is more apt. Shooting in Goofy Mode or Shooting in Goofy. Or how about, Shooting Goofy?

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